Mice and Rats can be found in all areas of your property including kitchens, wall cavities, loft spaces, cupboards and outside areas. They will find warm spaces but are generally shy and will hide away quietly when they hear human activity.

They are classed as a hazard/ nuisance because of the damage they can cause to wiring (causing electrical fires in worst cases), they are forever-gnawing and will help themselves to your food, spreading deadly diseases through cross contamination.

Common signs will also include:

  • droppings the size of large rice grains
  • nesting using shredded paper or other materials such as loft insulation
  • smear marks from entry points and run routes on surfaces
  • foot/ tail prints within dusty unused environments

Our treatment is fast and effective. We pride ourselves on surveying your property and reducing the risk of further activity. Our experienced pest specialists are of the belief that prevention is better that cure, stopping further issues by blocking points of entry. We are the number one in pest proofing and ensure potential access points are treated to prevent future activity saving you money and long term damage. This enables us to guarantee our work.

If you are concerned, please call us now! Our fully trained and experienced pest technicians are ready 24/7 to eradicate your issues discreetly and safely.

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